Can you guess who has grossed the highest amount of streams in 2018?

Drake has clutched the No.1 spot for Spotify’s most streamed artist in 2018. Spotify is a music streaming platform that’s taken off this year as well. A few months ago, the platform celebrating exclusively signing The Joe Budden Podcast: With Rory and Mal.

In competition with Spotify, Apple released it’s Best of 2018 list last week that recorded Drake at the top of the 100 Global Album charts yet again.

“God’s Plan” was the most streamed song of the year coming in with 8.2 billion streams. BILLION. The viral “In My Feelings” song ended up in the top five list of most streams too. We commonly know the song due to Shiggy’s challenge on Instagram.

Drake has been pronounced the Stream King and has the numbers to back it up.




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