Leaked and/or announced, Apple will release 3 new iPhones at their annual Apple Event. We are approaching Apple’s 10th anniversary of the iPhone so this will be a big release. The event will be held on Tuesday, September 12, showcasing the iPhone8, 8Plus, and X.

The latest leaks suggest the new phone will actually be called the iPhone X and will include wireless charging, facial recognition, an edge-to-edge display and – for the first time – no home button according to Telegraph.co.uk.

We will update this post tomorrow with the official announcement tomorrow.

*UPDATE 9/12 3:13 pm

Apple has confirmed the leaks and rumors of a 3-part Apple iPhone 8 release. The anticipated iPhone 8,  iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X will be available in November.

The iPhone X will have a larger screen and without the home button, a larger edge-to-edge display. Loss of the home button also means a loss of finger print recognition, so now, your face will do the trick. It will be water and dust resistant in good comparison with the new Samsung 8 that is to release soon as well.

Mimicking the filters of Snapchat and newly integrated Instagram features, there will be a Face-ID enabled Animoji feature to animate emojis on your face.

The iPhone X will be priced at a high $999 and will be shipped as early as November 3 as reported on CNN.

Not leaving out the 8 and 8 Plus, these models and the X will feature a better camera and retina display, wireless charging, and an aluminum band edge. The 8 will start at $699 and the Plus, $799.

Apple will be taking pre-orders on September 15 and in stores on September 22.